par Shannah

It’s more and more difficult do have dignity and to remain dignified. I have read a very interesting article written by Francis Fukuyama, available on foreignpolicy. The main  idea is that the desire for respect and for recognition as a human being, in all its strength and violence, is one of the main trigger of recent revolutions and uprisings worldwide.

In my daily life, I can feel this struggle for self-recognition by others. Everyone can feel it, because everyone bestir oneself to be seen, known; let’s say that social networks made apparent and made explode this thirst and hunger of respect.

Respect, because one wants to be regarded as someone noteworthy by the rest of the world – desire of vanity.

Respect, because one wants to be regarded as someone worthy to live – as in uprisings in several areas in the world.

And I cannot help myself to think that nowadays, dignity is no more inherent to human beings. We have to fight to be dignified. Such an elementary right – rather than right, primary status- of mankind seems to have turned to a prerogative.

We sell ourselves on social networks, using them as windows for not-so-new goods : human beings.

I don’t know what dignity means for you now, I am afraid it means « having turned into a valuable thing ». I have attended to something really traumatic a few weeks ago – people were just like calling, grunting because there were going to be late. In these moments I feel really ashamed.

How does it come you donnot have any respect for life and for human ? You live in France, you’re far away from bombings, from misery, from everyday death, and you dare…

These girls from Femen have « protested » in front of the main Mosque of Paris, topless, burning a black flag – Salafist flag. Does this mean Mosque = Salafism ? Does this mean, they, white atheist girls, have the truth, holy truth, to show they ass and blasphem (again and again) ? What is dignity for Femen ? Eveything, but « NON ARABIC MENTALITY ».

So now, is it possible to be Arab and to have dignity ? To be a woman, arabic, to have a dignity and not to be a Femen ?