Sicily (bis or ter)

par Shannah

Finally ! I come back from Sicily. Back to Paris ! (It’s cold and raining. A few days ago, I was lazing on the beach…)

Drylands, an ocher color, a smell of burnt… Sea to freshen up.

We have been round the island : Castel di Tusa, Modica, Siracusa… We stayed, the first night, in a gorgeous place : the Atelier Sul Mare. We were in the Prophete Room, a tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini (that I love so much). View on the sea, ocher walls, a poem written by one of his friends on the bathroom’s door; and a poem written in Arabic on the bedroom’s walls… We access to the room through a long and dark corridor. In the bedroom, sand taken from the Roma beach were Pasolini was killed.

We spent the second night in Modica, city full of churches; in the Grana Barocco Hotel. Barocco !

Sicily was really beautiful.

Silent, dry, ecstatic.