par Shannah

Poland is such a beautiful country, and I think I’ll always have a special feeling with Krakow – It was the first time I travelled alone. Streets are ful of sadness, full of a cold memory of the History. But people are really nice, ready to help.

I really wanted to go to Auschwitz, since it’s next to Krakow. I visited the two camps. In Auschwitz I, I was  deeply upset by people. Tourists behaving as if they were at the Eiffel Tower; and also the museum itself, selling, selling, selling. Auschwitz I has been rearranged as a museum : blocks host the visit’s course, including documents, photos, assets of the deporties.

Auschwitz-Birkenau was quite different. Actually, I was there during winter, so tit was very cold. The bus stopped and let us in front of an immense ground. Nazis have been enable to destroy the gas chambers and crematorias there (not in Auschwitz I), but all the clues of their cruelty are still present. Here the blocks have not been touched. You just have to enter them, in this Polish coldness, to have an idea of the daily life.

The camp is located in a big field, grey and sad.

Some images of Krakow :