The will to power

par Shannah

I wanted to deal first with, inter alia, Julian Assange. In my mind, Nietzsche’s concept of der Wille zur Macht perfectly fits with current events. Let’s focus a little on Julian Assange. Assange, who found refuge inside the Ambassy of Ecuador (he benefits from the diplomatic asylum of the country since August 16th) in London is threatened by the rape of the diplomatic status of his shelter. By the entrance of English police to arrest him. Both United Kingdom and Sweden strongly support US, which wants Assange’s extradition to their territory. Australia is not opposed to his extradition. US deny the Ecuador’s diplomatic asylum. In short, a diplomatic mess.

Assange likely collects the hatred of a part of the world against an other one. Let’s face it : does Assange hate the US ?  He is linked with Russia (since he had his own program on RT, channel funded by the Russian governement) and now Ecuador… he’s a hunter of the American hypocrisy… and targeted Syria as well.

Today I read French weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur,  and, almost as usual when reading certain articles, I got on nerves.  Only when opening the magazine ! Thanks to the editorial made by Laurent Joffrin. Title : ‘Notre nouvel ennemi : la démocrature » (Our new enemy : « democtatorship »). What a suprise, the article starts with Putin and of course the Pussy Riot, that seem to inspire our elite. (I simply think that disrespect is not a form of freedom of speech and expression. ) And not the whole band, but the one who makes good on photos.

According to Laurent Joffrin, Russia and China are humiliated by the West… trying to raise themselves, they, at the same time, crushes the people who agree with their authoritarian aspirations.

But be careful ! These democtatorships are not dictatorships ! They’re less repressive and open  to market economy. Oh by the way, yesterday Russia became the 156th member of the World Trade Organization… Accession seen as  » a reflection of Russia’s increasing willingness to be included in an international standards system ». 

That’s the point. International standards system.

The West reproaches, for instance, to these marginal countries to exalt nationalism. That is relevant, coming from countries surpassed by open boarders, and that cannot keep a national unity alive… I’m dealing with the pride, the respect of the nation you’re born in or you’ve moved to.

I simply donnot want to live in a world based on « international standards ». What does this mean ?

To be continued…