Feminism and pussy,again

par Shannah

I don’t get the thing with Pussy Riot, as well as I don’t get it with Femen. For sure it get by far more on my nerves regarding Pussy Riot. I guess annoucning that punk is not dead is always really cool, actually even French newspaper Le Monde (that prides itself on neutrality) publishes, today, this drawing, made by cartoonist Aurel :

Besides, we can enjoy Le Monde‘s Facebook cover :

Of course, Western medias are pretty proud of their involvement for freedom, talking about gatherings in favor of Pussy Riot. Their self-satisfaction, to oppose the Russian monster really gets on my nerves.

An other point. I guess it’s pretty funny to see how feminists add to the veneer of feminist of the band. Seems like three girls expressing their political opinion is feminism. Why not. So I guess everything a woman do, that is not cooking, shopping and having kids is feminism… I really donnot get the thing. How can women, that use their body, be feminists ? Where’s the feminism in pushing a chicken in one’s vagina ? In fucking in group in a museum ?

I’d add an observation. That’s really interesting that, looking to different medias, Pussy Riot seems to be only Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. Actually they’re three : there’s also Maria Alekhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich.  Nadezhda seems to please journalists, since her photo is everywhere, and is now a synecdoch – her sole face sufficing to represent the whole band. Since we’re dealing with feminism, we won’t talk about her as the prettiest… Actually, I think everyone is looking for a model. And everyone is free to choose it. Thankfully…