If you can talk about it, why paint it? – Francis Bacon

par Shannah


Francis Bacon was a sick child, born in 1909 in Dublin. At the age of seventeen, Francis is banished by his father, after he’s been found out wearing her mother’s clothes. He leaves London, and spend time between Paris and Berlin, and comes back to England in 1928. He does not stop painting. He works as an interior decorator and furniture designer, and is spotted as such by Studio Magazine.

In 1933, he paints the Crucifixion.

In London, he lives like a deluxe hobo, with his childhood nanny and hislover of the moment, leaving from hotels without having paid the bill.

Bacon is sick with his work. He destroys his paintings when they displease him, he makes the art dealers mad.


Bacon is « completely homoexual », as he says. He has a violent sexual life. Prostitute, sado-masochistic tendencies, all the filth of fucking is exhibited on his paintings.The legend of his sexuality starts with the loss of his virginity : he would have offered it to the grooms that used to beat him at the request of his father. He was born in violence – the violence of sickness, the violence of his father, the violence of Ireland, that was shooked by the IRA (let’s remind his family was British).


His paintings stink death and innocence’s rape. Bodies, even alive, are corpses yet. Meat.

His art is anchored in fugirative painting, and the man is messy… he’s lost, according to himself, lost much tome trying to find a subject that is worth to be painted and immortalized.

His faces are always screaming, a cry of pleasure that both starts and ends badly.

Inspired by

The Battleship Potemkine, Eisenstein

Portrait of Innocent X, Velasquez

Self-portrait, Rembrandt

Weeping woman, Picasso

Sex is death yet

What more obsessive than sex and death ? Bacon was, since his early years, confronted to violence that both draws energy from sex and death and make them live.

The grime emanating from his paintings has the smell of human’s corruption and dirtness. Let’s not forget Bacon was a XXth century man…

« Painting is the pattern of one’s own nervous system being projected on canvas. »