Yayoi Kusama

par Shannah

I first heard about Yayoi Kusama when reading the new Vogue. It was dealing with Kusama’s collection for brand Louis Vuitton, an assortment of polka dot shoes, dresses, bags, in a hard Japanese and ingenous spirit. Watch here

Yayoi Kusama escaped from Japan in 1957, to go to the United States. She was born in a conventional family, family she faced to study arts in Kyoto.

From the beginning, her work reveal her inner confusion, hallucinations, trouble, fear.

When arrived in New York, she offers herself entirely to her work. From happenings, to polka dot painted bodies.

In 1973, she comes back to Japan, where she’s unknown. Alone, without money, she flows into work, to bear the fear her eys still expose.

And, finally, her work is esteemed. When Kusama, in 1993, represent Japan during the Venice Biennale, she’s revealed. Her polka dots are now exposed from Japan to France. But Yayoi Kusama, even if she’s almost a brand in herself, is still in her own world, where, thanks to her art, she tries to escape her fears.

She reads physic books, to know better this weird world… And she creates from what her own world continues to offer her from dreams and nightmares.


Hi ! Konnichiwa, 2004

Untitled, 1952

Infinity-cosmos towh, 2007

Black nets (QUTWO), 2007