par Shannah

Передвижники, or Ambulant painters, is a painting movement which took place in Russia, from 1863 to the 1890’s. It’s a realist, social and historic aesthetic, that is in osmosis with the whole artistic spirit in Russia in the XIXth century. And not only artistic : philosophical as well. These years are Herzen’s, Tchernyveski’s, Bakounine’s ones. As the country’s unrest reflects in Dostoievski’s or Tourgueniev’s literature, so does it in the Ambulants’ paintings.

Among them, we can quote Ilya Repine, Vassili Sourikov, Nikolaï Yarochenko, Vladimmir Makovski…

All these paintings can be read as Russia’s exhausted face, commotion and hope… And, above all, incertaintly.

Andreï Raboutchkine

Waiting for the Tzar, 1901

Waiting for the Tzar, 1901

Tea Drinking, 1903

Moscow Girl of the XVII century. 1903

Victor Vasnetsov

Moving House, 1876

Without Kith or kin, 1871

Selfportrait, 1873

Constantin Korovine

In front of the Balcony : Leonora and Ampara, 1888-1889

Mistress of the House, 1896

Portrait of Chaliapine

Paris, Café de la Paix, 1906

Nikolaï Yarochenko

Girl Student, 1880

Student, 1881

Selfportait, 1895

Vladimir Makovski

His first suit, 1892

Bankruptcy, 1881