Travesuras de la niña mala

par Shannah

I wanted to write something about this book, written by Mario Vargas Llosa and published in 2006. I was given this book, it took several months before I decided to start reading it. The book folows two lives, from childhood to death… two individuals, Ricardo and the bad girl, from Lima, to Cuba, Paris, London and Japan. This is about love (Ricardo is absolutely in love with her), and life. Because she wants to live. She wants to live without barriers imposed by her poor background, without being attached to anyone. So she leaves behind her family, she hides herself behind a dress made of lies, and travels She always find people to take advantage of them, men pf course, because she’s beautiful. She takes what she can, she lives for herself, she appears and disappears; and anywhere she does, Ricardo is here to telle her he loves her.

This book really pleased me, thanks first to the writing, very pleasant; and also because what emanates from this book is freedom. So, yes la nina mala is a bad girl, selfish, vain, badly behaving; but she feels like being free… even if she does think that, for that, you must not get attached to people, and worse, love anyone. This book talks about a bad girl yes, a free girl, making mistakes, but over all living her life like she want : yhat is to say proudly, grossly and sincerely.

Writer Mario Vargas Llosa